How do I split a tab?

Most TabbedOut locations allow you to pay a portion of the total tab directly from TabbedOut. It is easy to do:

  1. Once you select a venue, if that location supports partial payments you will see a button labeled “Join Tab”.
  2. Have one person in your party open a tab. Make a note of the tab code for your friends to use.
  3. The rest of your party should then tap the “Join Tab” button and enter the code you were given.
  4. Once everyone has joined, simply refresh the tab on the original user and you will see all the people splitting with you as well as your share of the tab.

When you are ready to pay, press and hold the "Pay Tab" button to pay your portion. If you wish to pay more or less than what is displayed, you will have the opportunity to specify that payment amount before the payment is processed.

Ensure that everyone pays their share, as the original tab owner is the one on file that will receive any unclaimed portion of the bill.

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