My customer's card was declined

Although TabbedOut takes steps to prevent it, very rarely a customer's card can be declined when using TabbedOut -- just like with any traditional credit card transaction. We can help!

If the customer is still present, the best solution is to ask them to enter a new payment card into TabbedOut and pay using that card. Alternately, they can simply give you a card to swipe the old-fashioned way.

It may be that the customer has already left and the card is being declined when you attempt to close the tab manually at the POS. Not a problem!

Please email with the details:

  • The amount due.
  • The date the tab was opened.
  • Bonus points for the customer's name and 5-character tab code.

TabbedOut will notify the customer and temporarily disable their TabbedOut account. The customer will be instructed to call or return to the venue to settle the tab. TabbedOut Support will follow up with you to ensure this is done and take further action if the customer does not settle the tab in a timely manner.

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